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Tom & Gi r my favourite couple! Watching their vids on youtube never fails to make my day! <3

LOVE IT every time i browse some random youtube vids and end up on lovely music channel! Just visited her youtube channel today and amazed by her real beautiful voice. Once again, best-listened-in-rainy-day musician, here’s Daniela Andrade

ps: her “Just Give Me a Reason” cover is a wow!

When flowers decorate places and make such a beauty scene <3

Emily Theobald's vintage room is so sweet! Check out her blog "It Girl Rag Doll" for her  lovely style & stuffs. Enjoy :)

Freakin love her awesome voice & originality! Team Nellie!! 

check out her solo here

Monsters University! 

Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva’s  ’July Morning' is a TRUE BEAUTY

When u miss ur primary school days, all the games & friends. Miss that moment! :)

Dear Mayer Hawthorne, i’m so in love with ur light-retro-soul tunes I can listen to ur ‘How Do You Do’ all day long! ♡

Check out one of his single ‘The Walk' here  

I love how this makes it seem as if they are all shooting the same movie, Emma is the girl looking for a challenge in life when she meets Tom and Rupert, Rupert is a runaway who recently dropped off the army, and Tom is a very intelligent computer hacker. They rob banks and other high security stuff and she joins them . That’s when they meet Dan’s character who is the youngest bank president ever, and who’s about to lose a few billion pounds, except he and Tom’s char are bffs from childhood and meanwhile Emma is torn between her partners in crime, except she totes ends up with Rupert. cool stuff that will never happen! 

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Yogyakarta has been so hot since couple weeks ago so I can’t get enough of these four rainy mood songs :

-‘Sweet Disposition’ The Temper Trap

-‘On My Way Back Home’ Band of Horses

-‘Fever Dream’ Iron & Wine

-‘Blidsided’ Bon Iver

best songs to chill me out ;) 

Kingly Court is a shopping destination in between Carnaby Street and Regent Street, London. There’re 3 floors of fashionable shops : including designer brands and indie boutiques, lovely little cafes, vintage clothing shops, a yoga centre, arts and crafts, and a retro hair dresser.

A review also said that Kingly Court’s gonna be the chicest shopping complex you’re ever likely to encounter, esp at christmas time where excessive christmas decorations lending it a touch of the fantastical and rendering shopping, a joyous experience for even the most retail phobic! I crave to shop there asap! 

It’s been 2 days off since i got a mini holiday from yesterday, stuck in my boarding house with all of these boredom. but thank God those things went worth it cause then it led me to browse some fashion page, ended up at Yuna Zarai’s lookbook & finally found out that she’s also a singer! lol! Funny i’ve been following her lookbook since months ago but just discover her music talent.

Well guys, meet Yuna Zarai, such a huge inspiration to me, with her hijab and her passion in both music and fashion, which are my passions as well :)

You can go check out her music at & her style at . She’s so damn cool.

Voice √

Look √

Personality √

Style √


Never heard about this movie ‘till one of the main actor, Donny Damara awarded as the Best Actor in Asian Film Award 2012! Congrats to him & the director, Teddy Soeriaatmadja. Once again, a good moves for Indonesian movie community! Here’s  Lovely Man trailer